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At Therapies 4 Kids and Psych-4U we are taking the COVID-19 Virus very seriously, and we are now offering telehealth and teletherapy to kids, adults, and families all across Florida for OT, PT, SLP ABA, Psychiatric, and Mental Health services. Continue your therapy at home with your T4K/Psych4U Therapist. It’s very simple.

Call your insurance provider and let them know you intend to utilize TeleHealth. We are happy to provide you with our assistance, if needed.
Call our office and schedule an appointment. We will need your email address.
Once your appointment set, you will receive a link giving you access to your therapy session through Zoom.

Some patients have chosen to continue their therapies in our clinic but are unable to make all their weekly visits. No problem. You can now schedule one of those appointments in your home.

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Psych-4U — Extension 500

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Telemedicine doesn’t mean that you’ll never visit our therapy centers again because we want to see you again... SOON. But this offers you the option to continue your therapies in the comfort and safety of your own home providing you peace of mind while not missing a day of therapy.

Eileen de Oliveira
President & Founder




No public waiting rooms. All your information remain HIPAA secure.



In most cases, you get connected with your doctor or therapist the same day.

More Convenient

More Convenient

See your doctor or therapist from the comfort and safety of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

The state of Florida considers Telehealth as “the practice of health care delivery by a practitioner who is located at a site other than the site where a recipient is located using new technologies of communication for the purposes of evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment.
In other words, the visit occurs via secure video chat. We use Zoom—which is free to our clients—to guarantee confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Feel free to contact us at 954-356-2878 to learn more about telehealth.

Can all therapies be provided through Telehealth?

Our therapies CAN all be dispensed via telemedicine, including behavioral health-related medical services, record review, evaluations, assessments, screening, and even prescriptions. Please, contact us at 954-356-2878 to know how telehealth can help you in continuing your therapy during these exceptional times.

Is it as effective as in-office visits?

Telehealth is equivalent to in-person care in diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, quality of care, patient privacy, and confidentiality. Some people may even prefer Telehealth over in-office visits, such as patients in the autism spectrum, with severe anxiety disorders, or with physical limitations. Please, contact us at 954-356-2878 to know how we can assist you in getting started.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost for Telehealth services. Our prices remain the same as in-office therapy sessions. Please, contact us at 954-356-2878 about our rates.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Most private insurances and Medicare now accept to cover services provided through Telehealth, and the situation evolves almost every day. Given these changing circumstances, each case must be treated individually. Please call us at 954-356-2878 to verify your current situation.

Do you take new patients?

We currently accept existing and new patients throughout Florida, whether they are children, adults, or families. Please contact us at 954-356-2878 to know how we can assist you in getting started with telehealth.